Half Life Counter Strike Pick Up Games PUGs Featured

To join a Counter Strike 1.6 Pick up Game (PuG) hosted by BlakeGames, you first have to make sure to do a few things first:

Step 1.) Make sure you have a working microphone and headset

Step 2.) Make an account at https://www.blakegames.com/members

Step 3.) Join our Discord and TeamSpeak:

-       https://discord.gg/kUACVS3

Teamspeak: eurots7.gameservers.com:9157

Step 4.) Join the lobby on the teamspeak and wait until you have 10 players total.

Step 5.) Once you have 10 players, two players will volunteer as captains and pick teams.

Step 6.) Once teams are selected wait until your captain gives you the server information or connect to it yourself by finding the connection info in #server-info of the CS1.6 section of our discord, or from our website.

When you are in the game just play and have fun. Learning how to play 1.6 competitively may take some time to get used to so just ask other players and they will help you. During a PuG, make sure to be polite and to keep useless chatter to a minimum. Always play to your strengths and try to be as helpful as possible to your team. There are some rules to follow while playing a PuG:

  1. )Always practice sportsmanlike behavior.
  2. )Keep toxicity to a minimum.
  3. )Don’t leave a PuG half way through. PuGs take up to 60 minutes to finish but most take up only 30 minutes of your day. Make sure you plan accordingly. Emergencies happen and just make sure to communicate that to your team when you have to leave but don’t make it an everyday occurance.
  4. )Cheating is against BG rules and will get you banned across our entire platform.
  5. )Don’t throw. Always give it your all. Purposefully throwing a match or trolling will result in a temporary suspension of your BG account meaning you won’t be able to participate in matches where prize money is involved.