EU Winter Cup 2018 Featured

The EU Blake Games Winter Cup, held on December 1st and 8th, sparked some much-needed life into the Insurgency: Source community. Although it only brought together 4 teams, it was great competition for all, and saw some interesting match-ups.

The 4 teams that faced each-other were:

N.W.A - a long time EU powerhouse, who came second in the DGL’s #3 World Cup, captained by Jaeger.

los cholos - a newer team of veteran players, looking to take down the long time EU favorites, captained by el zorrito, an ex-N.W.A member.

PRS (Polish Rebel Squad) - a Polish team of long time pub players, captained by Spok.

Sanity - a German team, consisting of players who have been in a multitude of tournaments, hungry to make their names. Captained by Arrow.

The double-elimination style tournament spanned over 3 rounds and a best-of-3 final.

Round 1:

N.W.A faced Sanity. N.W.A won this match quickly, 11 to 1.

PRS played los cholos. Cholos ended this game in a similar fashion, winning the game without dropping a round, 11 to 0.

Round 2:

los cholos were up against N.W.A for the first time ever, looking to leave a big mark in their first match-up. It didn’t go their way, however, as N.W.A lead by a big margin by the half in their District match. Cholos ignited a small comeback in the second half, winning multiple consecutive rounds, but in the end it was too little too late and N.W.A closed the game off at 11 to 6. N.W.A secured their spot in the final.

Cholos vs N.W.A was not the only big game that evening. PRS and Sanity had the closest game of the night, with a somewhat controversial ending. Initially, PRS thought they had won, as their game had ended 10-7 in their favor. This would have been a big upset, as PRS is not thought of as a competitive firefight team as much as Sanity is. The game ending at 10 rounds won was in error though, and Sanity rightfully disputed this premature finish. They played again, starting from their 10-7 score, and with the pause and confusion, Sanity managed to turn the momentum their way, winning the game in OT at 11-10.

Round 3:

The only game in the third round was to decide the winner of the loser bracket. Cholos got another victory under their belt, beating Sanity 11 to 0. Cholos advanced to the final against N.W.A.

Round 4 (BO3 final):

los cholos hadn’t lost hope yet, as they were motivated not only to get revenge for their loss in the elimination stage, but to become the new face of EU Insurgency. This did not become a reality however, as N.W.A handily beat the challengers, beating them 11-4 on Market and 11-2 on Station.

When asked to comment about the team's performance vs the champions, cholos member “DINDOLION” said: “I don’t remember.”

After the finals, the EU tournament winner was to go up against the best NA team, DGL and Gym world cup winner, Gunners.

This matched featured a $1,000 USD prize money in a bo3 format. The first match was played in an EU server in London on District. NWA was able to defeat a Gunners team missing a few of their regular players. The second match was played on a NA server in Ashburn on Market.

N.W.A won this game, securing their title as the best team in Insurgency.

While the EU winter cup is over, there is still plenty going on in Insurgency: Source. The BlakeGames EU pre-season is going strong, with 3 returning teams (los cholos, PRS and Sanity) and 1 brand new team, X-Ray, lead by Leakbang. The pre-season features a brand new theatre, based on the DGL’s, with much needed modifications from the brains behind ESGL, Outlawled.

Exciting times ahead for Insurgency: Source. Happy holidays Everyone!