Half Life Counter Strike Tournament Featured

Date: March 9/10, 2019 and March 16/17.

Blake Games is excited to host a 16-team counter strike tournament with a $1,850 USD prize pool.

March 9 will be qualifier rounds. It will be a double elimination BO1. If matches don't finish on March 9, it will be finished on March 10.

The top 4 teams will qualify and advance to the semi-finals on March 16. If matches don't finish on March 16, it will be finished on March 17.

Semi-finals and Finals on March 16 will be single elimination, BO3 maps.

Seeds for the qualifier will be assigned by the tournament organizer based on performance in past tournaments.

Teams may be asked to play some test matches to validate the teams' roster.

Teams must pay the entry fee and submit their finalized roster by March 3rd, 2019, 11:59PM GMT.

If we do not have 16 confirmed teams on March 4th, 2019, the tournament will be cancelled and the entry fees refunded. Otherwise, team entry will be closed, roster locked, and first round schedule published on March 4th, 2019.

If we have more than 16-teams, qualifier matches may be played and teams placed as alternates.

Tournament schedule:

For both March 9 and March 16.

Saturday, 6PM GMT, 1PM EST: Start of tournament. Map ban start on blakegames.com website.

Saturday, 11:00 PM GMT: Estimated end of matches. If some of the matches did not finish, it will resume on Sunday 9PM GMT.

Game mode: firefight


Maps for each round will be voted on. pool=("de_dust2","de_inferno","de_nuke","de_train","de_cpl_mill","de_cpl_fire","de_mirage","de_forge","de_tuscan")

Team size: 5-player teams. 5 starters and each teams is allowed 2 subs on their roster. No player may be on more than one team's roster. If a player is on more than one team, both teams may be disqualified.

Number of teams: 16

Theatre: BG theatre

Teams and seeds:


Alternate 1: TBD

Alternate 2: TBD

Entry fee: 100 blakebitcoins

Bracket format: Double elimination

Cash prizes for the tournament per team:

1st place team: $500 US Dollars

2nd place team: $350 US Dollars

3rd place team: $250 US Dollars

4th place team: $150 US Dollars

5-8th place: $75 USD

9-12th place: $50 USD

13-16th place: $25 USD

Cash prizes are denominated in US Dollars and will be payable via PayPal. Cash prizes can be converted to equivalent values in Blakebitcoins if requested at $0.10 USD per Blakebitcoin.

Team composition are at the sole discretion of the team captains who registered for the tournament. Prize payouts will be paid to the team captains.

The matches and tournament will be coordinated through BlakeGames.com. Players and teams will need to register on BlakeGames.com and agree to abide by the Blake Games TOS. All members of the team will need to register for an account on BlakeGames.com and join their respective teams. You just need a valid email address to register for an account.

Rules are listed in the Blake Games Rulebook. All players of a match must be on the roster on March 4th and will need to play logged into the Blake Games anti-cheat.

For additional info, please join our ts3 server eurots7.gameservers.com:9157 or discord https://discord.gg/Ved4x3N