Rules and Banning Policy

Blake Games Code of Conduct and Banning Policy

Created On June 18, 2018 by BLAKE GAMES Support

Why/how do you get banned from BLAKE GAMES?

The following article will provide you with an overview for all the reasons why we would ban a user’s account. These bans can last a varying length of time depending on the reason and severity of the offense. If the same infraction occurs more than one time, the next ban you receive will be significantly longer than the previous.

Quick Overview


Ban Length

Inappropriate name/Avatar

Names will receive default names and avatars will receive a 1 week matchmaking ban in regards to the image.

Verbal Abuse

1 Day - Permanent.

Support Abuse

3 Days - 31 Day matchmaking ban.

Account Sharing

1 Month - 1 Year

Multiple Accounts

Any multiple account will be permanently banned

Ban Evasion

The ban on the main account will start over and the new account will be permanently banned.

Intentionally throwing matches

1 Week - 31 Days.

Leaving or AFK

30 minutes - 2 Weeks.

Abusing Captain Powers

15 minutes - 2 Weeks.

In game bug abuse

1 Month - 3 Months.

Griefing & Trolling

1 Day - 3 Months.


1 Day - 3 Months.


1 Day - 3 Months.

Unsportsmanlike Conduct

1 Day - 3 Months

Boosting/Ladder cheating

31 Days - Permanent.


2 Years - Permanent.

Bans Reasons: Detailed Explanation

Inappropriate name/Avatar Bans

You will receive a default name change. If you wish to change your name after this you will be required to do so in our shop for 100 BlakeBitcoins. Inappropriate avatars will receive an automatic one week login ban. If not changed after the ban, the ban time will increase accordingly

Verbal Abuse

Verbal abuse is any sort of trash talking, racism, sexual harassment, offensive religious comments conveyed to others. You will be punished accordingly depending on the severity of the abuse. These bans have a time span of 1 day to a permanent ban.

Support abuse

This includes the support chat, support tickets and emails. Any excessive amount of spam or impolite requests will be classed as support abuse. These bans can last between 3 days to 31 days.

Account sharing

Sharing of accounts is punished from 1 month to 1 year, depending on the specific circumstances.

Multiple Accounts

Multiple accounts are not permitted on BLAKE GAMES so the user will be left with one account active and any multiple account banned.

Ban Evasion

If you attempt to make a new account to avoid a ban on your main account then the new account will be banned permanently and the main account’s ban will start over. Repeated infractions can result in an extension of the ban length.

Boosting/Ladder cheating

Any method of boosting, this includes elo boosting, illegitimately gaining ladder points or abusing the ladder system will result in your account being banned. The bans range from 31 days to permanent.

Unsportsmanlike conduct

Anyone being abusive towards team mates or opponents in regards to personal conduct in game. Anyone seen to be acting in an inappropriate manor on the platform. The ban ranges from 1 day to 3 months.

Intentionally throwing matches

This can include: Intentionally feeding, intentionally not completing the games objectives and the like. Depending on the severity of the offence will decide the length of the ban ranging from 1 week to 31 days.

Leaving or AFK

Once the game has started, it is forbidden to leave it. In case a player leaves a game, he will be punished accordingly. These bans range from 30 minutes to 2 weeks.

Abusing Captain Powers

This offence can be punished from 15 minutes to 2 weeks.

In game bug abuse

This category includes the exploitation of known in game bugs for your own advantage. This behavior is classed as "Cheating". The ban can last from 1 month to 3 months.

Griefing & Trolling

This means ruining the game for your team and can include giving away your team mates' positions or tactics. The ban can last from 1 Day to 31 days.


This ban is determined by watching one of the opposing players’ stream in order to know the enemy team actions or tactics. The ban can last from 1 Day to 31 days.


Spamming text binds repeatedly in-game. The actual content of the written spammed text will determine the length of the ban, which can range from 1 day to 1 week.


All 3rd party software that is not allowed by the game publisher and that can give an unfair advantage to a player or team go under the cheating category. This is also not limited to just cheat programs but also includes external scripting.

BLAKE GAMES has its own anticheat and players that get caught by the system will be automatically banned. Anticheat bans are not generally lifted.

Valve Anti Cheat bans are permanent bans on our platform as the account will not be playable as our servers are all VAC enabled.

The ban length for cheating with a game that we host on our platform is 2 years to permanent. This means if you have a VAC ban in any games that we host and have not linked your account yet you will be denied until it reaches two years.

We also do not allow players who have a VAC ban in other games to play for a minimum of 365 days.

Our Policy on Cheaters, macro users and VAC/Game Bans

Cheaters ruin the game for others. Blake Games will not tolerate any cheaters. To insure a fair environment for competitive Gaming we have these rules for all the games we support:

1. A player with a single VAC ban or game ban on record within the last year (365 days) will not be allowed to play in events.

2. A player with two or more VAC or game bans on record will not be allowed to play in events regardless of how old those bans are.

3. Any player caught cheating in our events will receive a 2 year to lifetime ban from Blake Games. We will notify any other competitive gaming organisations with the details of our bans for cheating.

4. If Blake Games receives notification from another competitive gaming organisation that a player has been banned for cheating in their events, the admins will review the evidence and take a majority decision on whether to ban the player from Blake Games.

5. There will be no public accusations of cheating from or against anybody in this server.

Please note that there are no special cases made for anybody regarding our policy on VAC

bans and game bans. Choosing to argue with the admin/operator team regarding how you should be allowed to play since you have a convenient excuse for your ban will not be tolerated.

What to do if you suspect a player is cheating:

If you believe a player is cheating in our events, please direct message an admin and explain why you think this and provide any evidence (videos, demos, etc). Please do not discuss suspected cheaters with anybody who is not an admin. Do not accuse people of hacking openly as (a) this will tip them off that they are under suspicion and (b) you may be wrong. The admins will consider all evidence and/or monitor the player in question, in private.  If there is strong evidence we will follow this process:

1. All available admins will review the evidence.

2. If the majority of admins agree that there is sufficient concern, the player in question will be invited to discuss the evidence in private. Refusal to do so may be considered an admission of guilt.

3. After discussion with the player in question, the admins will take a vote on whether or not he or she is cheating.

4. 80% of admins must agree in order for the player in question to be found guilty and given a ban.

Players are not allowed the use of macros since that gives them an significant advantage over their fellow players, if a player is using a macro or admins are in doubt of him being legitimate, his fire rate will be analysed and if found guilty his team will be disqualified, the individual will be banned for 365 days.

During a tournament, if a team suspects that the opposing team may have cheated during their match, the team has 15 minutes after the match end to file a complaint detailing at least 3 suspected times where the cheating occurred. At the discretion of the admins, the next round matches and tournament may be put on hold while the demos are reviewed by the admins and publically at www.blakegames/demos/

The involved players and other players of the tournament will have the opportunity to discuss. The admins will then vote and the suspected players/team may be 1) disqualified from the tournament, 2) play the next matches with under remote surveillance such as broadcasting via teamviewer, or 3) resume tournament without further action.

In cases where there is no doubt, evidence such as demos will not be made public. If there are doubts or questions, the suspected may be made public to be reviewed by the community.

Please do not ask blake games for any player’s demos.

Cheating and banning policy are listed at https://www.blakegames.com/about/rules.html and may be changed without notice.


There are several ways to be disqualified from an event:

Turning up late to the first match of the event by more than 20 minutes will lead to automatic disqualification due to no show.

A team with a player found to be using either a macro, cheat or any other form of external assistance will be automatically disqualified, and the player found to use the external assistance banned for a year.

Bad mouthing other players depending on what is said will lead to a disqualification from the event. This will be down to the discretion of the admins at hand.

Abusive behaviour to admins and other players from a player will lead to a disqualification of the team the player is on for the event.

Not listening to admins upon being told a decision about a ruling, or action being taken by the admins will also lead to disqualification of the team the player is from if not followed.

Payment of prize money

Payment of prize money will be carried out after the event has finished within the following 48 hours by PayPal. The team captains will be expected to gather email or blakebitcoin addresses for their members of the team that participate in the event. PayPal or blakebitcoins are the only option to receive your prize money with. Make sure you have an account beforehand, so that the transaction of your prize money can be handled fast and smooth.

Insurgency Season and Preseason format
Preseason will run from preset dates published by the tournament organizers.

-Preseason is for teams to test and finalize their rosters. It is also for Blakegames to test our game plugin and theatre configs. Scores in the preseason do not count.

        Preseason will be a single round robin on a single server.

            Teams that missed the entire presason will be dq from the regular season

            Teams that do not participate in the preseason will not be allowed to play in the regular season.

Regular season will start at preset dates published by the tournament organizers.

        Regular season will be in a double round robin format. Each team will play every other team in the league twice, once as the home team and once as the away team.

        Each team will need to mark their desired home location on blakegames.com

            Home team: Picks server location from a provided list. Bans one map. Away team bans the 2nd map. Home team picks the map.

At the end of the regular season, teams with the best records win/loss records during the regular season will qualify for the playoffs and seeded according to their records. Tiebreaker matches will be played as necessary in case there is a tie. Round wins are not used to determine standing.

        Teams with more than 1 forfeits in the regular season will not qualify for the playoffs.


Each team will have 1 week to schedule their match with their opponent. Teams can either coordinate among themselves to decide a time, or they can use the voting system on the website.

If teams cannot schedule a time among themselves, the teams must show up at cutoff time to play the match. A team that does not schedule the match and does not show up at cutoff time will be considered to have forfeited the match.

Cutoff time is Sunday, 6pm GMT for each round.

Teams must give the admin notice of their scheduled time 24-hours in advance. Otherwise, your match may or may not be scheduled, and admins may or may not be present during your match.

Preseason schedule and season schedule are published on the season homepage. Regular season schedule will be published at the end of the preseason.

Tournament schedule:

Preseason: 1 round match per week.

Season: 1 round match per week. Times scheduled by the teams.

Playoffs: One weekend. Likely similar schedule as prior tournaments

Game mode: firefight

Server locations:

During the Regular Season and Playoffs, server location will be determined based on the locations of the home and away teams. In the playoffs, it will be determined based on the seeds of the teams.

Teams that do not register their home server region on blakegames will forfeit the right to play on a home server. If both teams do not have their regions marked, then the match will be played on a server of blakegames choosing.



Rules for teams

A team is the actual collection of players on a roster together. A common name, group of origin, community, affiliation, or sponsor does not join two groups of players, each team is treated as an independent group. If a group has two different teams with different rosters, they are treated as independent teams and players cannot be freely swapped between the two teams.

The roster may consist of up to 7 players, and must consist of at least 5 players.

Rules for teams

5 starters

2 subs

Roster may be changed freely during the preseason

Teams need to finalize their roster 3 hours before the start of the regular season.

Teams may substitute starters with subs through out the tournament.

A player can sub for multiple teams but cannot play for more than 1 team in a given round.

Teams found to violate the roster with illegal substitutions will result in automatic forfeit of the match and possibly the entire season. Match logs are checked for the steam IDs of the players in the match.

All players will need to have their blakegames.com account tied to their steam account/id.

Same player can not be on the starting lineup for two different teams in the same round

Same player can be subs on multiple teams, but cannot be listed as starter for 2 different teams for the same round.

If a player is found to be using multiple accounts, this will result in automatic DQ of the teams involved from the tournament and 1 tournament ban for the player and the teams involved.

Team captain does not need to play in every match, but will need to be on the roster (either as a starter or sub) for every match.

Team captain will need to be available to coordinate every match.

Once a round starts, a team has 20 minutes to mark itself as ready. If the team is not ready by 20 minutes after the start of the round, the team will forfeit the match.

        A forfeit will be consider a loss and not an automatic forfeit of the season.

At match start, a team with only 4 players may choose to forfeit or play with 4 players. Team with only 3 players will automatically forfeit the match regardless if the match was played and the final outcome. If the match log shows a team with only 3 players, the team will forfeit the match.

A substitution with a player not on the roster is not allowed.

A team may change the roster twice during the season.  Team capt will need to notify the season admin for each change. The roster at the end of the regular season will be the roster for the playoffs.  Roster cannot be changed for the playoffs.

Use of Theaters and Servers

The theater being used by Blake Games will be the BG theater version 1, and the only servers to be used for the official matches be the servers provided by Blake Games. These are automated and created for each match to ensure a smooth process with an IP address provided on the website. Please ensure you wait until the server has closed to leave it, otherwise the data for the match will be incorrectly submitted.

Non-Blake Games servers will not be allowed to be used unless extenuating circumstances occur, leading to the Blake Games servers being unusable.


Theatre revision history

- v1.0: initial version December 10, 2018. Derived from DGL 9.27.

        - Added extended mags to the Makarov, M1911, and M45 by default

        - Changed weapon stats on the M1911, M45, and M9 to match the Makarov (only difference between these 4 guns is cosmetic now)

        - Removed Light Armor

        - Removed Heavy Barrel

        - Added the ability to reload while sprinting, jumping, and moving while prone

        - Increased silent-walk speed by 50%

        - Removed view-punch from jumping/falling

        - Removed post-sprint sliding grace period (no more accidental slides)

Game Format

Our Insurgency Map pool are array("District","Embassy","Heights","Market","Ministry","Station")

In each game in the Season, the map ban order will be ban, ban, pick. The home team will go first, and the team not picking the map will decide the starting side.

All maps must be played to completion with a winner. Ties are not possible. No OT during the regular season.

OT during the playoffs.

Our Counter Strike Source 1.6 Map pool are: array("de_dust2","de_inferno","de_nuke","de_train","de_cpl_mill","de_cpl_fire","de_mirage","de_forge","de_tuscan");

Pick up games (PUGs)

Unless otherwise specified, all rules that pertain to tournaments apply to pick up games organized by blakegames or played on blake games servers.

Specifically, violations that results in disqualification will result in forfeit of the pick up game, dq of the team, and forfeit of the results and any potential prizes.

For counter strike 1.6, the specific rules listed below will result in disqualification of the PUG team, and the player found in violation will be banned according to our banning rules.

Specific Rules for Counter Strike Source 1.6

The following actions are strictly prohibited during a game and will result in a 3 rounds loss which will be deducted at the end of the match, and a warning:

- Different models and game files from the default ones provided by the game itself will result in a disqualification.

- Any form of script is forbidden.

- Using bugs which change the game principle (i.e. spawn bugs) is illegal.

- Moving through walls, floors and roofs is strictly forbidden. This also includes skywalking.

- Planting bombs so that they cannot be defused is illegal. This does not include plants where multiple. Players are needed to defuse.

- Defusing bomb through walls or roofs is strictly illegal.

- Boosting with the help of team mates is allowed in general, but it is forbidden in places were the textures, walls, ceilings, floors become transparent or penetrable.For more information see the disallowed positions section.

- “Fireboost” (i.e firing below a player to push him) is strictly illegal.

- “Flashbugs” are forbidden.

- Throwing flash grenades under walls is not allowed, throwing grenades over walls or roofs is allowed.

- “Mapswimming“ or „Floating“ is illegal.

- “Pixelwalking“ is illegal (Sitting or standing on invisible map edges)

- Binding “ duck“ to the mouse wheel is forbidden.

- Using texture bugs to spot enemy players is forbidden.

- Insulting the enemy team trough the main chat (Y).

- Watching underneath the walls is not allowed on de_train and de_dust2

The following actions are authorized during a game:

- There is no restriction on amount of grenade bought.

- Bunny hopping is allowed without script.

- Silent run is allowed without script.

- Using “ duck” behind a box is authorized.

A team may be disqualified if one of his player commits any of the following offences:

- receives more than one warning

- is guilty of violent conduct

- uses any unlawful or unfair proceedings

- mislead or dupe any tournament official

- is not present at his match schedule

- violates a rule of this regulation

Client settings

The following settings must be used by players:

- ex_interp 0.01

- rate 100000

- cl_lc 1

- cl_lw 1

- cl_updaterate 100

- cl_cmdrate 105

Forbidden settings:

-cl_lw 0

-cl_lc 0

-cl_bob 0

-cl_bobcycle 0

-cl_bobup 0

Disallowed Positions

de_dust2: https://imgur.com/a/hEpYVMa

de_inferno: https://imgur.com/a/9Kn3xMS

de_nuke: https://imgur.com/a/iZbJtl1

de_train: https://imgur.com/a/WJiIAua


All members are required to uphold and observe a universal level of sportsmanship. Any unsportsmanlike action which can include, but is not limited to racism, profanity, rude/vulgar acts, abusive remarks, and disrespect of an official are not tolerated. Users who engage in unsportsmanlike conduct are subject to suspension, match forfeits, or any other punishment that Blake Games deems necessary.

Participants must treat other participants with basic respect and decency. Seeking to cause significant distress to other participants is unacceptable and may result in round or match forfeit, or greater sanctions if warranted. Intentionally engaging in behavior that would reasonably cause significant distress to other participants may be punished even if no complaint is raised or harm can be shown. This includes taunting, insulting, flaming, or any negative comments over voice and text chat. Team Captains are the only ones allowed to communicate with the opposing team during an official Blake Games match. Anyone witnessing or experiencing uncivil conduct by a participant should record evidence and report it to an admin.

Teams must attempt to win all games they play. Actions taken for the benefit of any team except your own are strictly forbidden. Collusion between teams is not allowed and will result in instant disqualification.


Team Captains are in control of every aspect of the team. Team Captains have the right to edit team information, remove members from the team, report scores, and file disputes. Every team is required to have a Team Captain. If the original Captain is unavailable for any portion of the season, another member of the team must become a temporary Captain.

Captains are the only players allowed to contact Admins.

Team Names

Team Names containing any of the following will not be tolerated: profanity, racism, sexism, or general vulgarity. Teams found with offensive names will be contacted by an Admin and made to change their name to something more appropriate. Team names must be distinguishable from all other team names (but can be similar).

Voice chat: Discord or Team Speak

Players must be in their team’s voice channel at all times. Admins will move Team Captains to other channels when necessary. Players may choose to not be in voice chat at all if they wish, but the captain must always be in their team channel.

Players may not message other team’s players unless directed to do so by an admin.

Warm Up

Before the start of the game, both teams must state that they are ready to start the game by typing “.r” or ".ready" into the game chat. Should a player or a team have temporary problem after becoming ready and before the game starts, the opponent must be informed and the start must be repeated.


only during the playoffs. details will be posted here once plugin is finished.

Server Connection and Crashes

Players and teams have to agree on a server that offers both sides equal ping (usually a central location, i.e. Chicago or Texas in NA). As it stands now, players with ping greater than 200 ms to a Blake Games server will not be allowed to play. Every player should know that they will sometimes have to play with a bigger ping difference. In this case we have to appeal to the sportsmanship and fairness of the players and teams.

If the server crashes before the first round has been completed in a half, the server must be restarted and the half's score will be reset to 0-0. If the server crashes after the first round, the round will resume with the score from the last completed round.

If a player disconnects, the round continues and MUST be paused at the end of the round to allow the player to return. Players that repeatedly disconnect may not be allowed to continue to play by an admin.

Substitutions and Timeouts

Substitutions may occur after a round is complete not in the middle of a round. One substitution may be performed per half. A substitution is counted for any reason one player leaves and a different player joins. Blake Games Admins may make exceptions for unavoidable circumstances.

A team will be allowed two 5-minute timeouts. We encourage every team to communicate properly if an emergency arises as life does happen. It is also encouraged to always have a substitute player on hand should a real life emergency occur. To call a timeout, type “.timeout” or “.pause” in the game chat. Once a timeout is called it is considered to have been used in its entirety. Players may ready up before the 5 minutes have elapsed to start sooner.

Blake Games admins must be contacted if a player needs to be kicked.

Streaming, Recording, and Casting


No player may stream a match without the approval of the opposing team. All streams must have a minimum 2 minutes delay. If a player streams the match without consent, the opposing team may dispute the match results and a decision for punishment will be determined by BG Admins which will include forfeiting the entire match to the opposing team.

Blake Games may stream and cast any of the matches at our disretion via the blakegames twitch channel.  Streamers/casters will not be on any team, and will not interfere with the game. Streamers/Casters will NOT act as Blake Games Admins during the game, and should not be contacted.

Teams possess the right to deny Streamer/Casters the right to stream the match for any reason. Please notify a BG Admin if this is your wish.

All streamed matches must have a delay of at least 2 minutes.

Spectating matches in-game is not permitted unless it is for official business (i.e. casting) and both teams have consented and not withdrawn their consent. Admins who are not on any team, are permitted at any time to spectate a match for any reason.

All matches will be recorded using sourceTV.

Reporting Scores

For official Blake Games hosted tournaments, Blake Games servers have automatic score systems, so you don’t need to report it as manually, as it has been prior. The server will close down once it has gathered the information of the score. Make sure to stay on the server until you automatically get kicked out, do not disconnect manually. For pick-up games on scrim servers, the captain's should report the scores to an admin if an admin was not present during the game.

Game Commands and Scrim server info.  

See #server-info in discord

Blake Games Anti-Cheat (BGAC):

All pick up games and tournament sponsored by Blake Games must be played with the BGAC running and the player logged in during the entirety of the match.

Failure to remain logged in during the entirety of the match may constitute cheating and result in a ban per discretion of the admins.

Cheating detected by the Blake Games Anti-Cheat (BGAC) software are reviewed by the executive team. Cheating and banning as a result of BGAC are by unanimous decision by the executive team and are not subject to appeal. Evidence gathered by BGAC will be destroyed after the banning and will not be made publically available.

Step 1: Download the Anti-Cheat. https://www.blakegames.com/BlakeGamesAntiCheat.exe
Step 2: Run the file you just downloaded. A window appears asking you where you would like to place the files.
Step 3. Go to the location you chose in Step 2, enter the directory named BlakeGamesAntiCheat.  
Step 4. Run the file named bgac.exe. Step 5. Type your BlakeGames.com username and password then use your mouse to click "Login".

Specific Rules for Assetto Corsa Competizione

At Blake Games we believe that racing in the virtual world is as much a form of motorsport as racing in the physical one. Our expectation is that all members of our community – racers, officials and employees – will conduct themselves in the same way as a race participant would at an event in the physical world. Each of us owes every other member of the Blake Games community the same courtesy and respect that we expect to receive ourselves.

1.0.0 Much of the satisfaction of being a member of our community comes from the personal relationships that are formed and maintained here. For that reason, we require members to register using their real names, which, in addition to facilitating friendships, promotes personal responsibility.

1.0.1 Emotions will run as high in our races as they do in all competitive environments. But rude behavior – whether in actions behind the wheel, in oral communications through in-sim chat, or in writing on forums – damages social relationships and has no place here.

1.0.2 The Terms of Use and End User Licensing Agreement to which you agreed upon joining Blake Games stipulates that Blake Games will be the judge of what constitutes inappropriate ontrack or interpersonal behavior, and shall have the authority to impose penalties up to and including revocation of membership. We will have zero tolerance for deliberate bad behavior, whether on- or off-track. Those

Code of Conduct Version v0.1

Individuals who are habitually unable to treat others in an appropriate fashion will find themselves on the outside looking in.

1.0.3 While it is not feasible for Blake Games to directly monitor every on-track session, Blake Games admins will randomly select sessions to monitor. Drivers can also report reckless and/or erratic driving and attempts at on-track intimidation to Blake Games admins by sending a message with a complete description of the incident (including server name, session time, and drivers involved in the incident) Failure to drive with respect for other competitors will lead to substantial sanctions. Those who habitually engage in bad on-track behavior will be removed from our community. Blake Games provides a means for racers to communicate with one another before, during and after on-track sessions. The high emotions that are a normal part of close racing do not justify verbally abusive or other inappropriate expressions toward officials or other racers. Disrespectful communications, including foul or threatening language and insults, will not be tolerated and will lead to the cancellation of the offender’s membership.

1.0.4 Suspension Blake Games may suspend a Member for a definite or indefinite period of time in the interest of internet racing, Blake Games or the community. The affected Member may appeal such a suspension to Blake Games admins. Blake Games may terminate a membership at any time in the interest of internet racing, iBlake Games, or the community. Such Member shall have no right to receive, and Blake Games shall not be obligated to refund of any part or all of the fees previously paid by the Member to Blake Games. The affected Member may appeal such a termination to a Blake Games admin. Membership Required

 Every person or entity who desires to participate in an Event as a driver must possess a valid blakegames.com user account with a valid Steam ID attached. Removal from an event

 A Blake Games admin may remove a member from a race to promote the orderly conduct of the race.

1.0.5 Broadcast and Other Rights

 Each member, by participating in any BG-sanctioned event, acknowledges that Blake Games, and its licenses and assigns, exclusively and in perpetuity owns any and all rights to broadcast, transmit, film, tape, capture, overhear, photograph, collect or record by any means, process, medium or device (including but not limited to broadcasts by and through television, cable television, radio, pay-per-view, closed circuit television, satellite signal, digital signal, film productions, audiotape productions, transmissions over the Internet, public or private online services authorized by Blake Games, sales and other commercial projects, and the like), whether or not currently in existence, all images, sounds and data (including but not limited to in-car audio, in-car video, in-car radio, voice chat, text chat, other electronic transmissions between cars and crews, and timing and scoring information) arising from or during any Blake Games event or the competitor’s performance in the event, and that Blake Games is and shall be the sole owner of any and all copyrights, intellectual property rights, and proprietary rights worldwide in and to these works and in and to any other works, copyrightable or otherwise, created from the images, sounds and data arising from or during any BG-sanctioned event and the competitor’s performance in the event. Each competitor agrees to take all steps reasonably necessary, and all steps requested by Blake Games, to protect, perfect or effectuate Blake Games ownership of other interest in these rights.

Each competitor agrees not to take any action, nor cause others to take any action, nor enter into any third-party agreement which would contravene, diminish, encroach or infringe upon these Blake Games rights.

1.0.6 Penalties

 Any breach of this Code of Conduct, or the Appendices thereto, or any Supplementary Regulations by any member of Blake Games may result in a penalty for said member. Penalties may be determined by the Blake Games admin staff, which will always be a Blake Games official and will be appointed by existing Blake Games admins. The decisions of the admins become immediately binding regardless of pending appeals. The penalty will remain in effect until the appeal process has concluded. All appeals are to be made according to the procedure.

1.0.7 Breach of Rules

 Any of the following offenses in addition to any offenses referred to previously, shall be deemed to be a breach of rules: Any attempt, direct or indirect, to bribe any person having official duties in relation to a competition or being employed in any manner in connection with Blake Games in connection with a competition and the acceptance of, or offer to accept, any bribe by such employee or official. Any action having as its object to illegally alter the simulation, content, cars, tracks or any aspects of the software to gain unfair competitive advantage. Any fraudulent conduct or any act prejudicial to the interests of any competition or to the interests of internet racing in general. Application of Penalties

 Penalties may be applied as follows:


    Racing time penalty, including in-session penalties (e.g., stop-and-go), as well as post-event timing and scoring adjustments.

1.0.8 Race Disqualification

 Suspension from competition and/or communications with other members within the service for a specific period of time. Includes racing, open practice, qualifying sessions, open chat and forums. Does not include testing or time trials. Suspension of membership for a specific period of time. Permanent revocation of membership. Any other penalty deemed appropriate by Blake Games admins. Loss of Awards

 Any competitor or member penalized in any way may lose the right to receive awards granted for a racing or driving competition, series competition or club competition at the sole discretion of Blake Games admins.

1.0.9 Publication of Penalties Blake Games shall have the right to publish the name of any member assessed a penalty, as well as the nature of the infraction or violation and any associated penalties, on its member website or any other affiliated public forum. Remission of Penalties Blake Games shall have the right to remit the unexpired period of disqualification, suspension or revocation. Protests Who may Protest The right to protest shall rest with any Blake Games member who officially takes part in the competition in question or feels any part of the Code of Conduct or official rules of Blake Games have been violated. Each, alone, may protest any decision, act, or omission of Blake Games, an admin, driver, or other person connected to the competition which the protestor believes is unfair or in violation of the Code of Conduct, other official regulations, or rules of Blake Games. Lodging a Protest A Protest must be made in writing, specifying which sections of the Code of Conduct, racing rules, club rules, series rules or any official Blake Games rules have been violated. Protests should include the exact infraction and why it is believed a violation has occurred. The event needs to be clearly identified including time and date it occurred. Written protests must be submitted to a Blake Games admin. This is the only place to formally lodge a protest. Protests need to be made within 30 days of the decision, infraction or violation that is being protested. Any evidence, data, recordings or third party accounts are welcome and encouraged to be submitted with protests. Below is an example of a properly formatted Protest:

Date: 2008‐05‐08 11:00 pm UTC

Sporting Code Section: 1.2.3

Driver: Driver Name

Description/Explanation of Protest:

On lap 2 of the race, Driver Name typed in text chat ............

Accompanying Attachments:


1.0.10 Review of Protest Blake Games shall review the protest as soon as practical after the protest is lodged. Affected parties shall be notified about the protest and judgment of the protest. Blake Games shall review all evidence and be entitled to discuss the incident with other witnesses or parties involved or to gather additional evidence. Judgment  

 All parties concerned shall be bound by the decision given, subject only to appeal as describer herein. Reasonableness

 It is expected that protests shall be reasonable, logical, and based on sound evidence, thus well-founded. Nevertheless, a well founded protest may still be defined as one upon which reasonable people may differ. Regardless of the outcome of any adjudication, Blake Games may deem a protest to be frivolous if it is found by Blake Games admins not to be reasonable, logical and based on sound evidence. Blake Games reserves the right to assess a penalty to any member filing a frivolous protest.

1.0.11 Blake Games Administrative Review

 A Blake Games admin may investigate any competitor against whom one or more protests have been filed, regardless of the outcome of any protests against or appeals by that competitor. Investigations that are inconclusive will be logged as “Noted Incidents” in the driver’s official record. Noted Incidents are administrative records, not infractions or penalties, and may not be appealed, Accumulation by a competitor of multiple “Noted Incidents” will result in an admin review of that competitor’s driving record. Right to Appeal Any member assessed a penalty or named as a party to a protest, shall have the right to appeal any decision or penalty imposed by the Blake Games admins. All Blake Games members are afforded one free appeal for each 12-week racing season. Blake Games reserves the right to charge members an administration fee for additional appeals.

1.0.11 Jurisdiction

 An admin of Blake Games will appoint a three-member Appeals Committee (and one alternate to serve in the event that one of the primary members is unavailable) each year to review and render a final decision on any appeals filed. Well­Founded Appeals

 To be considered by the Appeals Committee, an appeal must be well-founded. An appeal shall be reasonable, logical and based on sound evidence, though reasonable people may differ on the interpretation of the evidence. Regardless of the outcome of any adjudication, the Appeals Committee may deem an appeal to be frivolous if it is found by the Appeals Committee not to be reasonable, logical and based on sound evidence. Blake Games reserves the right to assess a penalty to any member filing a frivolous appeal. Hearing Appeals  

 All properly filed appeals shall be reviewed by the Appeals Committee. It may at its discretion, require the appellant to submit any additional evidence it deems necessary for an equitable decision; hear direct evidence from a person deemed to have pertinent information or data; or seek information from any source it desires. The Appeals Committee shall make every effort to render its final decision within 30 days of its receipt of the Notice of Appeal. Initiating an Appeal  

 Appeals must be made in writing, specifically asking for an appeal, specifying the exact nature of the appeal and why it is believed an appeal is warranted, along with all evidence to support the appeal. Written appeals must be addressed and submitted to a Blake Games admin. Appeals must be submitted within seven days of the penalty or decision being appealed. Any evidence, data, recordings or third party accounts are welcome and encouraged to be submitted with appeal. “Intents to Appeal” or other informal appeals of any kind will not be accepted.

Below is an example of a properly formatted Appeal:

Case #: NA123

Code of Conduct Section: 1.2.3

Driver: Driver Name

Grounds for and Description of Appeal:

I feel the wrong decision was made in this case because ...

Accompanying Attachments:

chat_text.jpg Bad Faith Appeal

 If the Appeals Committee determines that the appellant has acted in bad faith or in an harassing manner, it may deem such conduct a breach of the Code of Conduct and impose a penalty as listed above.

1.0.12 Notification and Final Appeal Decision

 The Appeals Committee will notify the appellant of its final decision as soon as possible after the decision is rendered. Blake Games shall also have the right to publish the appeal to other or all Blake Games members. Members or any persons shall have no right of action against the Appeals Committee, Blake Games. The final appeal decision shall be final and binding with no other right to appeal. All Blake Games members expressly agree not to initiate or maintain claims, suits or actions of any kind, including without limitation arbitration proceedings, against Blake Games or anyone acting on behalf of these organizations, with respect to any final appeal decision. All Blake Games members expressly agree that if any member initiates or maintains any claim, suit or action in violation of the above provision, that member will reimburse Blake Games for all costs and expenses relating to the claim, suit or action, including attorneys’ fees, and that such amount represents damages and not a penalty against the member.

1.0.13 Records

 All competition records, data and statistics are to be considered unofficial until verified in writing by an authorized official of Blake Games.